Everything has a beginning

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Gen 1:1, KJV) Everything has a beginning. It is the sordid fact upon which the entire universe is founded. There is nothing that exists today that never started at some point. There were times there was no culture, houses, money, life style, language, business, marriage...hence, there was a time when there was absolutely nothing! When God made us, His fundamental objective was to make people like Himself. People who will understand that whatever they want or need may not exist and will have to bring it about..

We all are excited at the new year. It is always a wonderful thing to be part of the euphoria and influnza of welcoming a new season...much more when the new year has some historic or cosmic significance like the year 2020 already recognised worldwide as the "beginning" of a new decade. The first question we need to asked ourselves is "What is missing?", because in every beginning something is always missing.