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Daily Truth for Daily Victory
November 16

Daily Truth for Daily Victory is a daily Bible-based lesson about life, God, leadership, relationship, business, success, grace etc posted by Pastor Psalms. Nothing beats starting the day with a dose of God's word. Everyday there is a new message from God to you on this website - A word to empower your day, a word to charge your spirit, a word to make you victorious. Daily Truth for Daily Victory is codenamed #dt4dv on Facebook and Twitter.

Each daily message is accompanied by hourly live tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook respectively. These tweets are inspirational quotes and messages derived each day lesson. Following these hourly live tweets provides you an avenue to stay attuned to God and His throughout your day. You saturate your mind with a steady inflow of God's word - that is how you stay victorious!

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The boomerang effect

"O Lord, my God, if I have wronged anyone, if I have betrayed a friend or without cause done violence to my enemy...then let my enemies pursue me and catch me, let them cut me down and kill me" (Psalm 7:3-5)

I read this prayer and I got goose pimples. It is a rare prayer to hear these days. Today, we pray for God to crush our enemies, rain fire and brimstone on them, come against everyone blocking our way to progress et cetra, et cetra... But do we ever stop to consider if we are blocking other people's progress. Are you witholding someone's promotion? Are you maltreating the maid living with you? Are you taking advantage of the less priviledge? Dear pastor, are you taking advantage of your members? Dear spouse, are you abusing your partner? Employers, landlords and every person in the position of leadership and authority must examine themselves. Can we boldly pray this prayer and say, "If I have wronged anyone...". Seems to me like the people of old were more careful to live a godly life than we are today. Today we have misplaced the grace of God, and lived with little or no caution. Have you wronged anyone? Have you betrayed a friend? This thing is happening everyday among Christians. Betrayal, back stabbing, envy, jealousy. We need to retrace our step because there is always a boomerang effect. What we do to others has a way of coming back to us. We may think it is all about praying and asking God for forgiveness, but that is where we get it all wrong. continue reading »

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