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Daily Truth for Daily Victory
August 19

Daily Truth for Daily Victory is a daily Bible-based lesson about life, God, leadership, relationship, business, success, grace etc posted by Pastor Psalms. Nothing beats starting the day with a dose of God's word. Everyday there is a new message from God to you on this website - A word to empower your day, a word to charge your spirit, a word to make you victorious. Daily Truth for Daily Victory is codenamed #dt4dv on Facebook and Twitter.

Each daily message is accompanied by hourly live tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook respectively. These tweets are inspirational quotes and messages derived each day lesson. Following these hourly live tweets provides you an avenue to stay attuned to God and His throughout your day. You saturate your mind with a steady inflow of God's word - that is how you stay victorious!

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Constantly moving

"By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen (matter) was made out of that which cannot be seen (atoms)" (Heb 11:3, paraphrased, Emphasis mine)

The principle guiding expansion can be traced back to a scientific theory called the Kinetic Theory of matter. The "word" kinetic is derived from the word "kinesis" which refers to movement. The kinetic theory of matter states that all matter consists of particles called atoms which are constantly moving inside the atom. You have to understand that when we talk of matter, we are referring to virtually everything around us whether they are solids, or liquids or gases. Anything that has weight (mass) and can occupy space is matter. So friend, as quiet as the calm sea may look, at the lowest invisible level, it is rumbling inside. The chair you are sitting on does not seem to be shaking. What about the cloth you are putting on? The spoon you are eating with. They all seem stable and strong. But inside them are great movements. There is a trememdous vibration going on inside. These vibrations are the constant movement of atomic particles waiting for an opportunity to spread out and bring about expansion. Just as these movements are happening in your physical body, so there are also atomic particles of ingenuity rumbling inside your mind, vibrating inside your subconscious; looking for an opportunity to be put to work; hoping for a chance to be let loose; waiting to spread out. Some people press down these constantly moving ions. continue reading »

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