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Daily Truth for Daily Victory
October 19

Daily Truth for Daily Victory is a daily Bible-based lesson about life, God, leadership, relationship, business, success, grace etc posted by Pastor Psalms. Nothing beats starting the day with a dose of God's word. Everyday there is a new message from God to you on this website - A word to empower your day, a word to charge your spirit, a word to make you victorious. Daily Truth for Daily Victory is codenamed #dt4dv on Facebook and Twitter.

Each daily message is accompanied by hourly live tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook respectively. These tweets are inspirational quotes and messages derived each day lesson. Following these hourly live tweets provides you an avenue to stay attuned to God and His throughout your day. You saturate your mind with a steady inflow of God's word - that is how you stay victorious!

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The danger of self-righteousness

"For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God" (Romans 10:3)

Righteousness is the greatest gift God gave to man. When we believe in Jesus Christ - His birth, His death, His purpose, His mission, His person - through that faith we become saved, and as evidence of our salvation we are justified and made right with God. Jesus mends the fence that was broken at Eden. We become reconnected to God and re-assume all our divine rights and nature; and as a result of this we are naturally declared righteous. God removes the cloak of sin and clothes us with His righteousness. Righteousness is God's property. It is a divine attribute because no human being is capable of righteousness, for there is none righteous; no not one (Romans 3:10). As a result of this gift - righteousness - we are endowed with the power to become children of God. Righteousness is that ability, that power to live right. Having obtained righteousness from God, we are able to live right, and live in accordance with our new life. Righteousness is not obeying of laws and regulation. It is strictly being made right with God. And it is only God that has the right to declare anybody right with Himself. Self-righteousness is simply playing God. It means declaring oneself right with God. No matter what one has done or not done, no one is authorized to declare himself right with God. it is God's prerogative to do so. continue reading »

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Liberation Night is monthly power-packed night service. It is a night of unusual move of God's power through His word. A night of the WWW (Warfare, Worship & Word). A night of release of power as God's people raise their voice in worship and prayer. It holds at Emanet Hotels No. 1 Onynweaku Street off Immaculate Avenue Umungasi Aba. Learn more... »

The work God has called us to do is very enormous and we recognise the fact that we need your help to be able to accomplish it. If you will like to partner with our ministry and become a part of what God is doing through us, we welcome you with open arms Learn more... »

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